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The Difference Between Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing

Assisted living and skilled nursing are both levels of care administered by professional caregivers that help seniors continue to live an active and engaged lifestyle. That being said, while both of these services provide care for older adults, the benefits that each of them offer are quite different from one another. Here, we will outline the key differences between the two types of care so you can make an informed decision whenever the time comes.

What is Assisted Living?

There may come a point when an older adult may need an extra helping hand to complete activities of daily living. Assisted living was conceived precisely to provide support under these circumstances. It could be as simple as not having the mobility to dress or bathe themselves, while for other seniors they may need assistance using the bathroom. Regardless of the task the older adult may need assistance with, assisted living provides the support they need.

Just because an older adult may need a helping hand every once in a while doesn’t mean they give up the freedom to live every day to the fullest. In fact, assisted living residents retain many of the same amenities they’d have while living independently. Amenities in a senior retirement community range from shared spaces for socializing or engaging in group activities, game rooms, arts and crafts studios, fitness centers and pools, multiple dining venues, salons and barbershops and even libraries for any residents in need of a good read.

What is Skilled Nursing?

If professional medical attention is required throughout most of an older adult’s day, skilled nursing is the right choice for them. In a skilled nursing living community, a team of licensed health care professionals will be available to provide 24/7 care. The team can help assist them in performing daily tasks, keep them on a well-balanced diet and administer specialized therapies.

Contrary to what you might think, a skilled nursing arrangement isn’t limited to registered nurses. In fact, it can include the services of a dietitian or even a social worker.

How Does Skilled Nursing Differ from Assisted Living?

The key difference between skilled nursing and assisted living is the level of care administered throughout the day to a resident. Assisted living communities offer intermittent help from full-time staff to older adults, like getting out of bed, getting dressed or managing their medication. Alternatively, individuals living within skilled nursing communities have a team that can provide for their health care needs 24/7 care. The distinction between the two levels of care ultimately comes down to which type of specialized care their lifestyle requires.

Find the Right Level of Care in Juno Beach, FL

Like many big decisions in life, choosing your senior living arrangement can be a difficult choice. It’s often a balancing act between finding the middle road between your own wants and your own needs. If the older adult needs only infrequent care throughout the course of the day for particular activities, then an assisted living community is right for them. If an older adult has a serious illness or is recovering from an injury, then skilled nursing is likely their best option. That way, they’ll always have a licensed professional to care for them if need be.

One way to ensure that your needs or the needs of your loved one are met both now and into the future is a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC), also known as Life Care. Life Care community residents have priority access to all levels of care, which provides them with the peace of mind that they are taken care of should their needs change at any point.

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