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Rehabilitation In Juno Beach, FL

Rest, Recuperation, and Renewal

Life’s greatest joys are in the journey, but every journey has its challenges. When these challenges do arise, it helps to know where to turn to. At The Waterford, our team is here to support you or your loved one should post-acute care be needed following a surgery, illness, or hospital stay. Whether your rehabilitation stay is short or long-term, you’ll have all the support needed to get back to feeling your best.

Our way is not soft grass; it’s a mountain path with lots of rocks. But it goes upwards, forward, toward the sun.

- Ruth Westheimer, Therapist and Talk Show Host

Rehabilitation Services

Get Back to The Life You Love

Ready to get back to doing more of what you love? At The Waterford, you’re surrounded by a team of supportive professionals dedicated to your rehabilitation. Our team works closely with you, your family, and your medical team to create a post-acute rehab plan that aligns with your needs, so you can get back to doing what you enjoy most.

At Your Service

  • Physiatrist who coordinates with your on-site therapy team and physician

  • Expert nurses and nurse practitioners who provide expert care on-site

  • Access to on-site social worker and dietary guidance from a dietician

  • Comprehensive diagnostic and treatment options, including post-joint replacement rehabilitative care, management of antibiotics, and pain relief

  • Empowering therapy sessions to reinforce your independence

  • Wellness-focused activities and programs

  • Laundry and housekeeping services to maintain your comfort

  • Salon and barber services that keep you looking and feeling your best

Rehabilitation Amenities

Embrace Every Moment

Your rehabilitative stay at The Waterford is designed to get you back to feeling your best while staying connected. Get the support you need to participate in daily activities that suit your preferences and abilities.

  • Private or semi-private room with a TV in each suite for your comfort and convenience

  • Family visiting spaces and secure courtyard to entertain and accommodate day visitors

  • Fully stocked arts and crafts rooms for enrichment and socialization

  • Library for reading and relaxation

  • Fitness room and spa where you can energize and recharge

Rehabilitation Residences

Take a Peek Inside

See it For Yourself

Common Questions About Rehabilitation

Our dedicated team crafts a personalized therapy schedule just for you, aligning with your needs, your physician's directions, and the expertise of our therapists. We're by your side, ensuring you receive the optimal care at every step.

Both aim to revitalize your strength and mobility. However, occupational therapy empowers you to master daily tasks more easily. Whether it's adapting your surroundings or introducing innovative techniques and tools, we're dedicated to supporting your independence.

Learn more about occupational and physical therapy.

Before your departure, we create a tailored plan, ensuring you have the right tools and support you need in the comfort of your home.

Absolutely not! Our rehabilitation center is happy to accept admissions from outside our independent living community.

Independent Living

You Have More Options

Imagine living in a resort-style setting where your every need and desire is anticipated and accounted for. Residents don’t just reside at The Waterford, they thrive here, surrounded by like-minded friends and neighbors who are passionate about making the most of each day. Discover why community living offers so much more than you know.

Live Fully