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a care worker or medical professional or housing officer makes a house call to a senior client at her home . She is discussing the senior woman’s options on her digital tablet.

Senior Healthcare Services in Juno Beach, FL

Supported, Vibrant Living

Embrace the future with peace of mind and serenity, knowing that your care needs—or those of your loved one—are fully supported at The Waterford. Enhanced levels of care provides the richness of community life while receiving expert assistance.

Around-The-Clock Care and Support

Senior Rehabilitation Center
Recover With Confidence

Discover a haven of renewal, one focused on getting you or your loved one back to feeling the best after a long illness, injury, or hospital stay. Cutting-edge rehabilitation and therapy services converge with on-site care services, providing the ideal setting to rejuvenate one’s spirit and strength.

Skilled Nursing Services
Skilled and Compassionate Care

Experience a holistic approach to long-term health assistance in a heartfelt and welcoming atmosphere at The Waterford. Trust in top-notch, 24/7 care provided by expert team members. You or your loved one will also enjoy curated activities and sophisticated amenities that elevate the everyday.

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screenshot from video of Oak Trace residents Pat McDonald and Corrin Gouldy seated for an interview

Continued care was important, but more important I think was having the health center nearby.

- Corrinn Gouldy, Resident of The Waterford

The Waterford

Experience Everyday Luxury

You deserve the support of a resort-like community with state-of-the-art care, where opportunities for connection abound. All of our supported living options are designed to envelope you or your loved one in elegance, with access to top-tier services. See it for yourself!

Fancy dining area with empty tables and a chandelierA senior man smilingThe pool and lounge areaA senior woman sitting down and lifting weightsAn aerial view of a a round pool and lounge area