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A senior man looking up from wood working

Independent Senior Living Activities

Pursue Your Passions

Our purpose is fueled by our passions. Sometimes our personal obligations can sideline these passions, but at The Waterford you can reawaken these pursuits and renew your purpose in a community designed with your interests, comfort, and growth in mind.

Explore Senior Living Activities

Fill Your Days in Endless Ways

Time is our most precious resource, and community living offers a maintenance-free lifestyle that gives you back more of it. Fill your calendar with excursions, activities, events, and other experiences that you can enjoy with new friends and neighbors.

Imagine starting the day with a round of golf at the nearby PGA National Resort and Spa, then working on a custom project in the woodshop. Enjoy a casual lunch with friends while taking in views of the courtyard fountain, and attend a class with a visiting artist in the art studio. Wind down the day with cocktails in the lounge, or meet up with a group to attend a live music festival downtown.

In a setting that’s perfect for encouraging your passions, who knows what you’ll do next?

Senior women painting on a canvas
man with arm around another man's shoulder

Senior Living Social Clubs

Find Your People

Social clubs abound, as well as fitness classes, that are the perfect opportunities to enjoy what you love among other like-minded adults. There’s sure to be many exceptional events and activities that are perfect for you. You can even start your own club to connect with others!

Brarbara Mooney sitting down for an interview

We were very active! We got into all kinds of committees. We were doing wine and trivia once a month. And things were very, very good.

- Barbara Mooney, Resident of The Waterford

More Senior Living Activities

What Sparks Your Interest?

  • Spacious lounges for informal gatherings

  • Woodworking shop for crafting special projects

  • Card room to learn new games with neighbors

  • Art studio for adding a splash of color to your life

  • Heated pool to enjoy morning laps

  • Library for indulging in the latest bestseller

  • Game room for board game nights

  • Fitness classes that offer new routines weekly

  • Walking paths for evenings strolls

  • And much more!

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