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10 Benefits of Moving to a Senior Living Community

If you’re retired and planning to remain in your own home, you figure some things will change. But just think of all the things you’ll still get to do — namely, you get to do everything!  

You get to keep doing your housekeeping, laundry, interior and exterior maintenance, grocery shopping, meal prep and lawn work. Don’t forget you also get to do the annual deep cleaning, power washing, gutter cleanout, pest control and so many more not-so-fun responsibilities. That’s probably not what you have in mind for yourself when you think of “active senior living.” 

It’s not what senior living communities have in mind for you, either.  

Senior living communities are designed for active, independent older adults who want to enjoy all the benefits of truly carefree retirement living. And while there are lots of retirement lifestyle options available for older adults, you may want to learn more about senior living communities and how they differ from other choices. 

You may also want to learn about senior living communities’ many benefits, too. Here are just 10 advantages for you to consider. 

Benefit #1: You can fully embrace your independence.  

Think of all the chores on your weekly to-do list. Between the inside and outside of your home, there are a lot of items which can consume a lot of your waking hours. But a senior living community has team members who prepare meals in the dining venues; other team members take care of cleaning, mowing, laundry, raking, painting, repairing, and on and on. Instead of being responsible for all of these things, as a senior living community resident you’re free to do whatever you want with your time. 

Benefit #2: You can enjoy a more active lifestyle than remaining at home. 

One of the most important benefits of a senior living community might be the numerous opportunities to become more active – physically, mentally, and socially. If you stay in your home and want to exercise, you’ll either need a fitness center membership or a home gym.  

Want to swim laps in a pool? You’ll need that membership or a backyard pool. Want to learn yoga or Tai Chi? You’ll need to sign up and pay for a class through your fitness center or find a private instructor. 

At a senior living community, you have access to these any time you want. You also have life enrichment programs that include cultural, social, recreational, intellectual, and leisure opportunities. Stay sharp playing organized card games, attending lectures, learning how to sculpt or paint, attend lifelong education classes — you get the idea. 

Benefit #3: You have both security and peace of mind.  

There’s a nuance between security and peace of mind. At a senior living community, you literally have security, provided by onsite security team members on duty 24/7 and a front desk team who greets visitors and delivery people; some communities are gated with guards. Figuratively, you have security knowing there’s always help available just outside your residence door, should you need it. 

You and your family also have peace of mind through additional levels of care right on campus. Many senior living communities offer assisted living, memory care and skilled nursing, in addition to independent living, for their residents as their health needs change. 

Benefit #4: You’ll never worry about yard work again.  

It’s true. Retirement communities have a host of professionals who are responsible for the community’s grounds, ensuring the community is in tip-top shape. They plant flowers and saplings, care for the lawn and handle landscaping. It’s a year-round job that you no longer have to address; you can simply sit back and enjoy the natural beauty. 

Benefit #5: You’ll have no more maintenance worries 

It almost sounds too good to be true: No more maintenance, inside or outside your residence. Retirement communities have expert maintenance people whose job is to ensure everything inside and outside your residence is in fine working order. Maintenance covers everything from repairing air conditioning units and maintaining the community’s streets and sidewalks, right down to replacing a light bulb in your kitchen. 

Benefit #6: Discover more time to do what you want. 

When you have the benefits of numbers 4 and 5, it stands to reason you’ll have the advantage of more valuable free time. And more time means more opportunities to do what you love: more travel, more road trips, more time with family, more volunteering. Whatever you love, you’ll have time to do more of it. 

You’ll also have more free time to explore your community’s amenities and services. Those usually include community-arranged trips and life-enrichment programs that include cultural, social, recreational, and leisure activities.  

They also include classes in an art studio, exercise groups in the fitness center, book clubs, card clubs, gardening clubs — and at some senior living communities, golf clubs. (The Waterford in Juno Beach offers membership privileges at PGA National Resort and Spa, giving its residents access to golf, tennis, croquet, fitness center and social functions.) 

Benefit #7: Build an even more vibrant social life.  

Residents are always keen to help you feel comfortable and welcome — and will immediately invite you to gatherings, dinners, happy hours and other events. When you move to a senior living community, you have an entire community of potential new friends and neighbors just outside your door. All you need to do is open the door whenever you’re ready! 

Benefit #8: Savor healthy, delicious meals you don’t have to prepare. 

No resident has to cook their own meals if they don’t want to. Most senior living communities offer remarkable dining with delicious and healthy dishes prepared by a trained and talented culinary team. These lovingly prepared meals are served in different venues, from formal dining rooms to casual on-the-go bistros. 

Benefit #9: Worry less — you’ll have predictable expenses. For life.  

Retirement communities that are Life Care Communities, also known as Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs), are focused on offering lifetime security. That means security in both predictable care and predictable expenses. While there are lots of types of retirement communities out there, Life Care Communities are among the top choices for seniors looking for an active lifestyle with care if they need it, all at a predictable monthly expense.  

Life Care communities offer so much security that they are often referred to as the gold standard.  

Benefit #10: You’re in control. 

If you’re still asking, “Why move to a senior living community?” then this may be the best benefit of them all. You make the move to independent living while you’re healthy enough to enjoy everything the community has to offer. If your health needs change, you know who will provide you with the care you need, and you know where you’ll receive that care — right on the same campus where you currently live.  

You’re not leaving any difficult decisions to your family and loved ones, who may not be fully aware of your wishes. Nor are you asking them to make decisions for you during a health crisis. And being in control of our lives, our futures and our decisions is quite possibly the best definition of independent living. 


These are only 10 of the benefits of living in a senior living community. Once you become a resident, you’ll discover countless more advantages over living in your own home. If you’re ready to get on your way toward a more relaxing lifestyle, start by looking into life at The Waterford. 

Scheduling your personal visit is easy — simply call us at (561) 627-3800 or contact us. 

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