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6 Common Myths and Facts about Life Plan Communities

An exciting, active lifestyle could be in your future when joining an independent living community. We’re here to help you understand all the resources available at Life Plan Communities that can help you live the life you’ve always imagined.

We’ll break down six of the most common misconceptions and explain what life is really like in a Life Plan Community.

Myth #1: Life Plan Communities are boring.

Fact: You’re going to need a bigger social calendar for all the opportunities and events.

Life Plan Communities are exciting collectives that focus on keeping people engaged, active, and vibrant. Most offer extensive calendars of fun activities, from art classes to plays and social events.

Meet friends for dinner at one of the on-site restaurants, play a fast-paced game of pickleball, volunteer at a favorite local charitable or cultural organization, or try your hand at a ceramics class or guest lecture series, for example. The Life Plan lifestyle provides you with an opportunity to master old hobbies and explore new ones. And it’s never too soon to join. In fact, many residents say they wish they’d made the move sooner.

Myth #2: Life Plan Communities are only for people with medical needs.

Fact: Life Plan Communities adapt and grow with you at every stage of retirement.

Life Plan Communities provide comprehensive care and accommodation for every stage of an older adult’s life.

If you’re healthy, active, and just looking for a vibrant and engaging place to spend your retirement without the burden and hard work of home ownership, Life Plan Communities offer comfortable, independent living communities to help you craft the retirement of your dreams.

Should additional medical needs arise, Life Plan Communities offer a continuum of care services, so you know where you can expect to receive health care, should you ever need it. This can also provide comfort and assurance for couples who want to stay close when one requires additional assistance, including in-home care.

Myth #3: You lose freedom in a Life Plan Community.

Fact: Life Plan Communities seek to help people maintain independence and autonomy.

You may feel more free than ever before in a Life Plan Community, with all the resources available right outside your door.

If you’re living independently within a Life Plan Community, you will be able to plan every aspect of your daily life the same as you always have. You can choose to partake in scheduled classes and events, cook and entertain in the comfort of your own home, or enjoy the chef’s creation in one of the on-site restaurants. You’re never obligated to do more than you want to do. It’s exactly like living at your family home, but without all the tedious chores that go into home ownership.

If your needs change over time, you can trust that the staff at your Life Plan Community will be there to assist you. The team will help you maintain as much independence as possible and ensure that your family members and loved ones stay informed along the way.

Becoming a resident of a Life Plan Community allows you to enjoy your freedom and independence while giving you access to a variety of exciting activities and a wealth of amenities and resources.

Myth #4: The accommodations are bare bones.

Fact: You’ll love your new residence.

Many people worry about leaving their homes only to find themselves in a sparse apartment. Fortunately, that is not the reality in a Life Plan Community. In fact, it’s often quite the opposite.

Most communities are designed by skilled architects and designers, and have units featuring luxurious amenities like enclosed balconies, chef’s kitchens, and ample natural sunlight. And if the existing options aren’t right for you, most communities provide the option for a complete remodel to suit your unique taste.

While leaving your family home is a big decision, living in a Life Plan Community will offer all the comforts you expect, with none of the hassle of traditional home ownership.

Myth #5: All animals are prohibited.

Fact: You may be able to bring your pet.

Pets are a major part of our lives and many Life Plan Communities know and appreciate that. Not only are they part of the family, having them around is actually good for you. Research has shown that pet ownership keeps people active and improves mental health. As such, many Life Plan Communities encourage this companionship.

Rules vary from community to community, and there may be restrictions or weight limits so be sure to check if you’re interested in bringing your furry friend along.

Myth #6: Life Plan Communities are the same as nursing homes.

Fact: There are many types of senior living communities, and they’re not all the same.

Different senior living communities offer different amenities. Independent living communities, for example, allow residents total control over their schedules and lifestyles without the burden of maintaining a house.

Most Life Plan Communities also offer ample amenities like housekeeping, groundskeeping, repair, and linen services.

On the other hand, assisted living is for seniors who still prioritize their independence but just need minimal help with activities like medication management, bathing, or dressing.

Skilled nursing care is for residents who require more significant assistance and care.

Embrace Your Freedom in a Life Plan Community

We hope you have a greater sense of how beneficial these communities can be and how they could contribute to your life.

If you’re considering becoming a resident of a Life Plan Community, we guarantee the move will be one of the best of your life.

Ready to learn more about The Waterford or how we can support your next steps into a care-free retirement experience? Contact us today.



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